26 Agustus 2010

Cholesterol Control Prevent Stroke

SEE is still low awareness of the risks of cholesterol also increases in line with changes in lifestyle, PT Pfizer Indonesia (Pfizer) would like to invite the public to understand more about cholesterol, as well as the impact of the handling and prevention.

This coincided during Ramadan, Pfizer asked the public to continue to maintain a balanced lifestyle and healthy during fasting.

Andriani Ganesmwari, Senior Manager Marketing Communication PT Pfizer Indonesia said, "It's become a habit every Ramadan, and Eid when we have a tendency to consume sweet foods and beverages and bersantan. In addition, we also tend to reduce activity by reason of fitness store strong force to undergo daily tasks. Without we realize the lifestyle changes during Ramadan and Eid is able to pose a risk of high cholesterol. Therefore, Pfizer, as one of the leading companies who care and health sector, asked the public to carefully control the cholesterol during this holy month so there are no regrets later on. "

Chili & Passion Banana Jacks sex

DURING centuries ago, the food has been used to express love. In fact, several meals actually have sexual power. Try the delicious libido booster and start to increase your orgasms.

Food and sex are very closely related to human desires. "The satisfaction of eating a delicious and satisfaction from sex, they activate the brain's pleasure receptors. This explains why people often associate food with sex," said Audrey Cross T PhD, a former professor of nutrition at Columbia University.

Mainstay Become an Ethernet Network Equipment

Although troublesome because the installation requires a cable network, Ethernet technology turned out not being run over by a sinking WiFi wireless networking technologies (wireless fidelity).

Proven, research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) finds, shopping Ethernet switches and routers in the world was increasing. IDC reveals, global Ethernet switch market revenue in the second quarter (April to June) in 2010 increased by 32.7 percent per year.

In the same period, global markets revenues increased 11 percent routerEthernet per year. IDC confirms, that growth had occurred evenly throughout the segments and regions around the world. IDC also claim to not be surprised to see such rapid growth. The reason, industry, global Ethernet switches and routers already growing rapidly in the first quarter (January to March) 2010.

Intel Buy McAfee Worth $ 7, 7 Billion

SAN FRANCISCO - Intel is more optimistic for users around the Internet. Therefore, Intel hopes to maintain its security in the chip, one by acquiring a leading network security software company.

Intel decided to buy McAfee valued at $ 7, 68 billion. It is the largest acquisition by Intel along the 42-year semiconductor company's founding. This acquisition is also considered as a step yanng expensive enough to prove a commitment to sell more Intel chips in PCs and servers.

Prepare the War Against Intel ARM

CALIFORNIA - Intel is preparing for an epic battle against the domination of an ARM in the smartphone market and the tablet market.

The chip giant is preparing a processor that runs on x86 through updgare arsiterktur claimed by the Intel Atom is able to defeat the hegemony of the ARM in the mobile device segment.

"Intel's new Atom is able to bring the PC experience to the mobile world. With the power of the Internet is fast, smooth multitasking, the ability to play 1800p HD video, 3D graphics," explained Intel spokesperson told TG Daily that the okezone quotes, Wednesday (19 / 8 / 2010).

Scientists Discover New Solar System series

LONDON - Found a new solar system that contains the seven planets with a distance of 127 light years from Earth. This solar system is believed by scientists as the largest after the sun.

"We have found that the same solar system like our solar system in general," said Dr. Christope Lovis, scientists from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) was quoted as saying by the Telegraph, Wednesday (25/08/2010).

Initially, scientists confirmed that there are five planets in the solar system, but then after the analysis there are two more planets. The distance between these planets with the star as well as our solar system.

Barcelona VS Milan

BARCELONA - Barcelona overcome AC Milan at his guest friendly show, Joan Gamper Trophy in 2010. Blaugrana to win through 3-1 on penalties scheme at the normal time after a 1-1 draw on Thursday (26/08/2010).

In this event, both camps tried several retainer Anyar and his young players. Barcelona trying to lose David Villa, Adriano and Jeffren Suarez, while Milan for the first time tested the ability of Kevin Prince Boateng.

Although not a prestigious match both continue to appear serious by deploying the best capability they own. In the first round of the host appear to be more dominating, but unfortunately they are still not able to reach concrete results.